About Us

Pockets 'N Prints is run by Johanne Jean-Francois. She was inspired by the owner of Cscrubs with Love, Lydia Nelson, on her story of how she went from begin a CNA to the CEO of her own business selling scrubs. Johanne started her journey working as a CNA after graduating high school. The scrubs she wore to work were functional but not fashionable. She was not able to afford quality scrubs on her then budget. Soon after she obtained her degree in occupational therapy, she was able to purchase scrubs that aligned with her style.

Fast forward to March 2020, the pandemic of COVID-19 left Johanne jobless and hopeless. That is when she heard of Lydia Nelson on Instagram. As someone who worked in healthcare for over 10 years, Johanne knew the importance of having functional and fashionable scrubs and love the brands that Lydia offered. She took a leap of faith and joined Lydia’s team and never looked back.

Our mission at Pockets ‘N Prints is to provide a pleasant shopping experience while providing quality scrubs to employees in healthcare nationwide.

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